What does “Natsume” mean in Japanese?

It’s a japanese name.

I thought it was like "summer" or something but I’m not too sure.

Does anyone know what this means?

5 Answers

  • It means "summer beauty"

  • @CherokeeStrawberry

    Summer beauty is Natsumi, not Natsume!

    夏美=summer beauty


    夏目=summer eye

    Natsume means the jujube tree, and you didn’t clarify which Natsume you were talking about, so I think Experto Credo and JePa should get extra credit.

    Source(s): translate.google.com https://www.google.ca/search?q=What+is+jujube&oq=W…
  • What Does Natsume Mean

  • Well, when it’s written, the two characters are ‘summer’ and ‘eyes’

    but basically the meaning of the name is ‘summer’ (not summer eyes)

  • It’s the jujube tree, much like we might call someone Rose or daisy

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