What does “No te Aguites” actually mean in Spanish?

5 Answers

  • Don't be sad, don't be down.

  • I´m not familiar with that word, aguites

    However, no te agites (from the verb agitar/se) could be an informal expression meaning ¨Don´t get too anxious about (something

  • Correct, proper spelling and meaning:

    Don't get agitated. Don't get all worked-up!

    No te agites. (agitar)

    NOT in a dictionary.

    No te aguites:The name of a song by "Los Hollywood"

    Mexican colloquial:

    "Don't get depressed, don't lose faith, don't let it get you down"

  • only mexicans and some folks from central america say that

    and it means DONT PUNK OUT



  • Don't be discouraged.

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