What does noble brow mean?

I have heard the saying before. Does it literally mean a specific type of forehead? Certain facial feature. I have tried looking everywhere. What does it mean?

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  • lol Its such fun watching these well-intentioned folks lay out their guesses here!

    The truth of the matter is that this expression merely refers to the BEARING of the individual. It describes one of high ranking and high esteem; usually a member of royalty who also has a high opinion of themselves (but not necessarily) and is always seen standing tall, chest out, chin up and exuding importance.

    This sort of man turns all heads when he enters a room simply by the aura and force of his presence.

  • Brow Meaning

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  • Noble means possessing very high or excellent qualities or properties. Brow means peak of a mountain.

    Noble brow meanshighest nobility.

  • When your eyebrows have done a noble deed, good things will come about. A noble brow exists only after a deed of selflessness and nobility.

  • It could mean Handsome. Aristocrat. Proud.

  • blue blood--aristocracy.

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