What does non hydrogenated mean? ?

I’m going to make something that needs non hydrogenated shortning and non hydrogenated margerine.

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  • The first person is partly right, as a former chef and having been forced to use them for years, he is right in some ways, for years to solidify the fats in and for cooking in both home and restaurant foods, they mixed the based materials for the products and injected hydrogen gas into them this solidified and added air to make them more soft but preserved them to, the question you asked in the reverse of the answer I gave, today with the reduction in cholesterol and trans fat, the oils and fat are not longer treated, and they use oxygen or nothing, even chilling them and beating air in is used more.

    Products now are cooked in lower calorie fats with 80-90% of the saturated fats lowered or removed, and the cholesterol in oils like canola,soy, safflower and olive are much lower than the lard, beef tallow and others used 10-20 years ago, people are more heart smart and read labels now for there health and not for flavour as much.

  • Non Hydrogenated

  • Non Hydrogenated Shortening

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    Hydrogenated means that they have added hydrogen to the fat product to make it more solid in regular temperatures (they usually do this by heating it up to high temperatures). Hydrogenation is also a sign of trans-fats! Even if it says partially hydrogenated oil! It will have trans-fats in it, which the body has a hard time digesting as it is not a normal fat bond link. And yes, Kroger has it in their Nature Market section (the organic section). It is Spectrum’s shortening made from 100% Organic Expeller Pressed Palm Oil. I usually find it next to all the other Spectrum Oils they have on the shelf. Have fun making the cupcakes! I have baked a few myself. I love the Boston Creme Pie ones the best so far, but then again I love chocolate granache and custard filling in a vanilla cupcake. Yum! Enjoy!

  • In addition to the non-hydrogenated shortening Dart mentioned, Kroger markets should have Earth Balance vegan, non-hydrogenated buttery spread. This is great for making “buttercream” frostings (and anything else you’d otherwise use butter for.) Hydrogenated just means that hydrogen has been forcibly added to a fat to make it solid at room temperature (saturated.) This results in a very heart unhealthy fat so any time you see “hydrogenated” or “partially hydrogenated” on an ingredient list you know those are ingredients you want to ideally avoid.

  • David H is right. Secret is flipping out about the hydrogenated stuff. Hydrogenation, as David said, is the process of adding hydrogen to a fat. This stabilizes it and gives it a longer shelf life…but also adds nasty trans fat.

    When you look for your ingredients, that’s what you’ll be looking for: either a product that specifically states “non-hydrogenated” for the shortening/margarine, or one that does NOT list “hydrogenated” anywhere in the ingredient list. Good luck!

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    What does non hydrogenated mean? ?

    I’m going to make something that needs non hydrogenated shortning and non hydrogenated margerine.

  • It means stay away!! You know how Cholesterol causes heart attacks? Well, hydrogenated causes the cholesterol to cause the heart attack :). They alter the oil so it lasts longer but scars your arteries. They force hydrogen gas into the oil at high pressures.. making the oil more solid. There are other things that scar your arteries, like chlorine.. etc. But be more worried about hydrogenated oils then cholesterol.

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