What does not match with agile manifesto

What does NOT match with Agile Manifesto? Select the correct option(s) and click Submit. Processes and tools over individuals


Statement 1 – Agile Manifesto values individuals and interactions more than the processes and tools Therefore Statement 1 is incorrect about Agile Manifesto. Hence, Statement 1 should be selected. Statement 2 – In Agile Manifesto working software is more valuable and important than comprehensive documentation as working software is the primary measure for evaluating progress. Therefore Statement 2 is correct about the Agile Manifesto. Statement 3 – Continous attention and responsiveness towards changes are more chosen over planning as it gives better design and agility. Therefore Statement 3 is correct about the Agile Manifesto. Statement 4 – Customer collaboration is an essential and important aspect of agile methodology and is given more value than contract negotiation. Therefore Statement 4 is incorrect about the Agile Manifesto. Hence, Statement 4 should be selected.

Option (a) and (d) are Correct.

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