What does OBO mean exactly? My car was for sale OBO $2500? I got a 2500 offer can i wait and c if i get more?

My car was for sale $2500 OBO. I got a 2500 offer but i told the guy i wanted to wait to c if i can more and he said i was oblicated 2 sell? Does anyone know for sure?

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  • Or Best Offer. Saying that you want to sell your car for $2500 obo, means that you are wanting $2500 for it but will take the best offer below that if no one wants it at that price. $2500 would be your full asking price… if someone offered to pay you full price, then take it! If you suspect the car might be worth more, then your asking price should have been higher. A good strategy for selling the car would be to ask higher than the car was worth say… $3500 obo, then settle for $2500-$3000 if you get no responses for full price. Holding out on a man who is offering the full asking price, may send him mixed signals. He may end up thinking you aren’t a serious seller.

  • OBO means Or Best Offer. The phrasing was probably “$2500, OBO”. In other words, if no one was willing to pay the $2500, the seller would accept the best offer.

  • $2500 OBO means you are asking $2500, but will take the best offer, even if it’s less. You won’t get more than $2500, and if the guy met your asking price, you are pretty much obliged to sell it to him.

  • OBO = Or best offer. No, you don’t have to sell, but I advise you to take the offer. You set the price, now honor it.

  • “Or Best Offer”. and yes you can wait for a get a “better” offer. Was the selling price $2500 or $25,000.00. Big difference. if no better offer occurs. It goes to the 2500 offer, because it

    is the best and only offer. but when does the offer expire? :-})

  • Putting an ad in the paper or craigslist doesn’t obligate you to sell to anybody. I think you are wasting your time if you think someone is going to call you up to offer more than $2500.

  • Or best offer. They want $2500 but would settle for the best offer.

  • OBO Or best offer, hope this helps

  • OBO just simply means “or best offer”

  • Morally no, technically yes. The ad implies you are looking for $2500 max.

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