What does one-half mean?

Okay i know all of you guuys are like this is a very stupid question…but like i dont seem to know… what does one-half mean? does it mean like if you have to type up a report and it saids write abut one-half page…does that mean one page and a half or halp of a page…sorry i know this is such a stupid question but thanks or answering! 10 points for the best chosen answer by me!

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  • It is not a stupid question at all =]!

    If someone told u to type up a repot and it said write about ‘one-half page’, thats assuming .5 of a page, or half of a page.

    If someone told u type a report and it said write about ‘one AND a half pageS’ then it would be obviously more than one.



  • What Is One Half

  • It means half of anything. In this case, half a page.

    If a page and a half of a page was meant, it would say “One and a half pages”.

  • Half a page

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  • Half of anything.

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