What does panchod mean?

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  • This is a curse or abuse in Hindi/Urdu and Punjabi. In Hindi the spelling of the word starts with a ‘Bh’.

    To answer precisely and succinctly would be a violation of the Yahoo Answer community rules. It means sleep with ones sister.

  • This is a slight mispronunciation of a Hindi word that is too foul to discuss. The previous answerer was correct in advising you to eschew the company of turkies who talk like that.

  • It means in Punjabi sister ғυ-cĸer

    Source(s): Urban dictionary
  • It is a punjabi slang for a very dirty Indian abuse on sisters… it has nothing to do with leaving or going//

  • Keep away from people making such comments even for fun

  • maybe looking it up on the internet will tell you

  • what langauge is it?

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