What does people oriented, detail oriented, and schedule oriented means?

Give me some definitions from those three words I put.

People oriented:

Detail Oriented

Schedule oriented

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  • All of them indicate that one is good at:

    dealing with people, identifying with others in a positive manner.

    paying attention to all aspects, however small, of a given task.

    using their time in an efficient manner. Making he most of a given period of time.

  • People Oriented

  • People oriented: Have the ability to meet new people, conduct business/friendships with them and/or build positive relationships

    Detail Oriented: This means you are inclined to look at every little thing as if “under a microscope” and have them accomplished this way, to a strict standard.

    Schedule oriented: You begin and complete tasks or committments in a specific timefrane (ususally given by an employer – I think thats where you are coming from here).

  • Oriented means the way one thinks.Or acts.

    Cleaning oriented would be good at cleaning.

  • people-they are good with people they care about ppl

    details-caring a lot about details wants to know all the details

    shedule must have a schedule for eeything likes to use schedules

  • 1, teache people ,2 secrit teaching,3 time the teaching will takes place


  • i will check the answers and i thank u so much for ur question

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