What does “(Prod. By “Name”)” mean on titles of rap songs?

On some rap songs the title reads "song name" and is followed by (Prod. By..."name") what exactly does this mean? does it mean that specific person made the instrumental, or does it mean that person literally produced the whole recording?

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  • It means the person listed is the person who produced the beat

  • Prod Definition

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  • Prod stands for producer...

    And the producer is the one who assembled all of the sounds together, and made it into one beat. Some producers record, mix and master songs, others only make beats. None the less, the maker of the beat is the MAIN producer, there can be co. producers and such, but the one who made the beat, is the one you gets the most credit.

  • It means that person produced the song.

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  • Produced by *insert name here*.

  • i think produced by (whoevers name) or production by

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