what does pt stand for as in pt cruiser?

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  • Officially, it stands for Personal Transportation.

    Some other theories abound about why/how it originated, such as Platform Tall, or Plymouth Truck, but Chrysler's official stand is Personal Transportation.


    For those who think it is anything other than "Personal Transportation", here is a link to a picture of a Chrysler published booklet that I scanned for the 2000 PT Cruiser that clearly states "PT. For Personal Transportation." These are the very first words when you open the fold-over flap (back page folds over the front and covers the front cover).


  • The PT in PT Cruiser stands for Personal Transport. Personal Transport Cruiser is the unofficial full name of the car. It does not stand for personal transportation as many people have suggested here. The name Personal Transportation Cruiser doesn't have the right ring to it. Even though that car is called the PT Cruiser, it's full name still has to sound attractive no matter how little it is used. Personal Transport Cruiser.

  • This Site Might Help You.


    what does pt stand for as in pt cruiser?

  • Personal Transportation.

  • It really doesn't stand for anything. It's just to better distinguish the PT Cruiser as it's own type of car...

  • personal transporter

  • pacific trail

  • pathetic truck!!I don,t like them at all...They were a fad just like the new vw and coopers...T

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