what does “que usted dijo?” mean?

just asking.:P

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  • It would be Que dijo usted?? and means what did you said?

    Hope it helps =)

  • The only one who got it right is justasking.

    It really is out of context. Example, if you ask:

    ¿Escuchó su amigo lo que Usted dijo?

    means: Did your friend listen to what you said?

    If it really is not taken out of context then the construction is incorrect, needing to be “¿Qué dijo Usted?” meaning: “What did you say?”.

    Note the difference in the tilde used in the word “Que” as they have different meaning.

  • The question you asked should be written: que dijo usted? It means: what did you say.Usted means you, but in a formal way. You don´t know that person so well and don´t use the person´s first name. Hope I could help you.

  • Hi!

    It means: “…what you said?”

    But actually it is missing a part.

    If we are speaking about a question, you could say: “¿…lo que Ud. dijo?” (the “que” alone does not make much sense). And, even with the “lo” you would have to add the pronoun for the question: “¿Qué fue lo que Ud. dijo?” (“What was it you said?”)

    If you mean to ask a question using just the words in your post, it would have to be: “¿Qué dijo Ud.?” which means “What did you say?”

    Remember that “QUE” is different form “QUÉ”. The second one (with the accent) is used as a question or admiration pronoun. The other one is conditional.

    Also, don’t forget to open your question marks in Spanish!


  • This Site Might Help You.


    what does “que usted dijo?” mean?

    just asking.:P

  • is said Que Dijo Usted, and it means what did you say?

  • https://shorturl.im/ASmz1

    Sorry, but it makes no sense. el hombre de que su madre dijo = the man whom your mother said usted ausentarse = you (formal) made yourself absent as you can see, it makes no sense.

  • Could it mean this? ‘el hombre del cual su madre le dijo a usted ausentarse’ ‘The man who your mother told you she left’. It is a bit complicate to undestand, try giving more information about the context.

  • que dijo usted? is how to say it and it is the professional way to ask what did you say?

    or what did he say

  • It’s a strange construction -I think Cubans speak like that- but anyway, it means “What did you say?”


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