what does sed semper amico mean in latin ?

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  • but always to( or for) a friend. it could be friendship like the other person said but amico is a form of amicus, which just means friend. so it means "but always for a friend"

  • Always like Semper Optimus that means always best

  • I looked this up because it was written over the door of Mr. Knightly’s home in the movie Emma, with Romola Garai. I find the definition interesting.

  • What Does Amico Mean

  • But always in friendship

  • but always friends

    how about “Semper Fi” (Fidelis)

  • Friends always…

  • it means friendship

  • you are a fairy

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  1. That is funny. I also saw it over Mr. Knightly’s door in the movie Emma (1995). That version of Emma was the best. The latin meaning is so appropriate for these characters in the movie who were life long friends that found out they never wanted to part. The most recent movie version of the novel made was nothing but trash. It seems they were making fun of Jane Austins novel. If she knew, she would have not been pleased.


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