what does “silly goose” mean?

i have been called that alot recently. what does it mean?

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  • LOL,

    It is something u would say to someone u care about that has done something silly but amusing and harmless.

  • Define Goose

  • Well it just means “silly”. Depends what context it’s used in. It could mean you’re just being humorous. In true context, it’s not a rude expression. The goose (bird) has always been considered silly (maybe because it always follows the leader of the flock).

  • “A foolish or ignorant person is called a goose because of the alleged stupidity of this bird.” “Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase and Fable” revised by Adrian Room.

    My usual encounter with the term “silly goose” is that it’s more said in amusement than in a derogatory way. Suggesting someone who tend to be unusual in their outlook or actions.

  • Its just like a word you call someone.. like you call your father ‘pops’ or something..

    Whoever is it who called you a silly goose, might just like you a WHOLE lot.. 🙂 Or he’s just trying to act cutesy with the ‘silly goose’.. I’ve heard other people use it alot.. and it’s usually by an extra girly girl, a feminine gay man or just someone trying to fit that stereotype to act cute. Or maybe they just like saying it… I’m going in circles.. 🙁

  • G..goose? Silly at that?

    Why, honey, you ain’t a large bird, with long neck and webbed feet, are you?

    Silly goose? Haven’t heard nothing of that sort before.

    Maybe only in Australia.

    Fight back by calling them an old goat! Or a dumb platypus! Or an ugly aardvark!

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    what does “silly goose” mean?

    i have been called that alot recently. what does it mean?

  • Goose is one finger; geese is two. Silly answer, I know.

  • someone trying to act childish or funny.

    It’s more of an endearing term when said to children.

    When it’s said to an adult,- it’s more of an embarassment to the recipient, – for being naive, or saying un-realistic thoughts.

  • petunia, the silly goose

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