What does Simon’s shirt mean in the book City of Ashes?

In Cassandra Clare’s City of Ashes, Simon wears a shirt with a logo of a "boy wearing headphones dancing with a cнιcκen." What does it mean/ where’s it from?

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  • lol, i emailed cassandra when i finished the book asking her about this, serious i have no idea. specially cause Simon says something like, "You don’t know, you’re a good girl"

    that made me really curious.

    sad to say that i searched online and came up with nothing

    but dont worry you’re not alone, if i find out i’ll let you know.

    and if you do, can you email me?

    thank you

    ok so cassandra emailed me back!!! and she linked me what the shirt sort of is,


    Read what is says under , Rock Out Woman’s T Shirt


  • The cнιcκen is actually a rooster, also known as a c̫o̫ςκ. The shirt means “rock out with your c̫o̫ςκ out.”

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