What does sound travel fastest in? solid liquid or gas?

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  • Sound travels fastest through a solid, because the molecules are most tightly packed together in a solid, helping the sound waves jump from one molecule to another faster. Sound travels second fastest through a liquid because the molecules are packed together second most, and sound travels slowest through gasses.

    Sound travels fastest in solids, slower in liquids, and slowest in gasses.

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    What does sound travel fastest in? solid liquid or gas?

  • Sound is nothing more than a local disturbance whose propagation is facilitated by the collisions between particles; this disturbance propagates in a longitudinal wave; imagine one molecule hitting the next molecule, and then that molecule hitting the next, and so forth. The distances between molecules in solids are very small, i.e., solids are denser – as compared to liquids and gases. Because they are so close, than can collide very quickly, i.e. it takes less time for a molecule of the solid to bump into its neigh borough. Solids are packed together tighter than liquids and gases, hence sound travels fastest in solids. The distances in liquids are shorter than in gases, but longer than in solids. Liquids are more dense than gases, but less dense than solids, so sound travels 2nd fast in liquids. Gases are the slowest because they are the least dense: the molecules in gases are very far apart, compared with solids and liquids.

    Speed of sound in air is 300 m/s, in water 1500 m/s and in iron 5000 m/s

  • Sound travels fastest in solid.

  • Solid, as the particles in a solid are closer together so the vibrations from sound can travel further in that solid.

  • Solid,because the molecules are mix or packed to each other tightly and because their heavy.

  • Liquid or gas lol

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