what does spelling mean in horse terms?

I’m looking for a horse to buy and i’ve come across one that seems perfect (price range age and height etc) but it says

“was retired from racing in feb 08. Since then he has been spelling. “

What does the spelling part mean, i’ve never herd that term before?

Also is it bad to get a horse the has retired from racing? will it act differently ect ect


I’m 14 and this is going to be my first horse. Well my parent have owned horses before and i’ve gone down there everyday to help feed them groom them wash them etc etc but this one is going to be my resposibilty.

I’m just going to be using him as a plusure horse, riding him down the beach on trails and just looking after him 🙂

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  • I think it probably means resting (unless it’s a really, really smart horse). I’ve never seen it used like this before.

    I agree that this might not be the best choice for you, especially given what you want to do with him. For pleasure and trails, you’d be happier with a more level-headed horse.

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  • If this is your first horse you would be better off with one that did not just retire from racing. There are so many horses available that have been on trails and are gentle enough that anyone can ride. My first horse was 12 yrs old when I got him. He is now 26 and still going strong. Take your time and you will find the right one. Do a lot of research and ask questions. Never heard that term before-spelling.

  • It means they havnt beed riden since they raced. You sound like a beginner. I wouldnt recomend getting a OTT (off the track) TB, as you wont beable to comtrole it. Thats why the price is so low, because it need to be re-eduacted. Yes they will act completely different. All they know it BOLT-FLOAT OUT!!! When you buy a OTT you need a lot of exerence to ride safly.. It is a long time of flat work, troting/walking and an inexperenced rider wouldnt know how to put the horse into proper work.

    This horse has not only finished racing 8months ago but mostly hasnt been riden at all (spelling). If you were to buy this horse, you would want to be a really good rider, it is not a first or second horse by the given information. Also if it has only finished racing this year it would be young as well. I would as not onlt look at price and height but education, age and temperment are some of the most important features when buying a horse.

  • Call and ask the seller. Could be a mistype or maybe a term the seller uses that is something particular to that particular horse area. It could also mean the horse has just been doing nothing, resting, etc since retired. If still interested, go see the horse. some do very well after racing.depends on what you want to use him for and the amount of experience you have.

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  • A race horse is trained for racing. A retired race horse has to be untrained as well as retrained. It is a job for a trainer familiar with the special needs of ex-racers. This is not at all the right horse for you. It wouldn’t be fair to him either….he deserves a handler who knows how to work with him.

    Spelling is not working….taking time off.

  • It defiantly isn’t a mistype or print it just means that since retirement he has been in the paddock and done nothing but been fed. (has had no work)

  • spelling means resting, to your other part,he may act differently for a while , remember he has been under a different regime for a while , so its’ really up to you from now on, good luck

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