what does sub moa mean when you are shooting?

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  • MOA is an acronym for “Minute of Angle.” As said elsewhere, 1 MOA is 1/60th of 1 degree.

    In practical terms, a 1OA degree of accuracy means your group will open up 1 inch for every 100 yards of distance.

    So, at 100 yards, a 3 MOA rifle would make a group of holes that fit within a 3 inch circle. At 200 yards, the same rifle would make a group of holes that fir in a 6 inch circle. At 1000 yards, the same rifle would make a group of holes that fit into a 30 inch circle.

    sub-MOA means accuracy exceeding 1 MOA. Groups smaller than 1 inch at 100 yards, smaller than 2 inches at 200 yards, smaller than 3 inches at 300 yards, etc.

    I see ads for rifles with claims of 1/2 MOA accuracy. I am skeptical. As a lifelong rifle shooter, I can tell you for a fact that it’s a rare individual who can achieve 1 MOA with ANY rifle. In other words, the rifle usually isn’t the limitation, the shooter is.

    Now, unless you’re shooting for competition at the national or Olympic level, a rifle of that capability is just a waste of $$$. 3 MOA is plenty accurate for a hunting rifle out to 200 yards. 1 MOA is fine for hunting out to 600 yards.

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    no. sub MOA means the gun is shooting under the expected minute of angle. minute of angle increases 1 inch every 100 yards, so at 500 yards, it’s 5 inches, 200 yards it’s 2 inches, ect. but, you always say it as if it’s at 100 yards. like if you shoot a 4 inch group at 500 yards, you’re shooting .80 MOA(meaning it’s sub MOA, it’s under 1), if you shoot a 7 inch group at 400 yards, you’re shoot 1.75 MOA(over MOA). the lower the MOA, the more precise the rifle is.

  • Sub MOA means this say your gun builder tells you this gun will shoot 3 holes in a inch square box @ 100 yards

    But you put 3 holes in a 3/4 square box @ a 100 yards …your gun shoots Sub MOA

    MOA = 3 SHOTS IN A 1″ SQUARE @ 100 YARDS

    SUB MOA = 3 SHOTS IN A 3/4″ SQUARE @ 100 YARDS

  • I like the answers, but wanted to say, that errors don’t cancel out, so even inaccurate shooters want accurate rifles. If your rifle is 3 MOA and the shooter is stuck at 3 MOA, they probably won’t observe enough of a relationship to notice what they’re doing wrong and learn better shooting techniques. Yeah it’s probably good enough for hunting deer at 100 yards, but with a more accurate rifle, it’s going to be a whole lot easier to notice what’s working and what isn’t.

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    what does sub moa mean when you are shooting?

  • shooting under 1″ groups at 100 yards. or under 4″ at 400 yards, and so on.

    1 MOA = 1″ at 100 yards.

    2 MOA = 2″ at 100 yards

    .79 MOA (sub MOA) is .79″ at 100 yards.

    do you understand?

  • How are you with geometry and statistics?

    A bullet fired from a rifle never goes exactly where you aim, except by accident. The world just isn’t that perfect. Most will group within a decent range of where you intend. A minute of angle is 1/60 of a degree. That translates into just over an inch at 100 yards, close enough that we all round off to an inch. Even if a rifle is called a “minute of angle shooter” that doesn’t mean that all the bullets will go within an inch, but most will. How many is most? Well, that depends on how picky you want to be. Many will take a three-shot group and call that enough. A more reasonable guide would be one standard deviation, roughly 68% of a large number of shots would fall within that inch, and an even more stringent guide would be two standard deviations, roughly 95%. If the thought of bell curves reminds you of unpleasant school experiences, feel free to barf at this point.

  • It roughly means your group at 100 yards will be under 1″. At 200 yards your group will be under 2″, so on and so forth. Read through the text at the link below to fully under stand Minute Of Angle.

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