What does the abbreviation Cdtm mean in Spanish?

My Peruvian friend sent me an email in Spanish using various text-message style abbreviations like k=que, tmb=tambien. At the end, she wrote “Cdtm y nos vemos pronto.” What does Cdtm mean?

2 Answers

  • Cuidate mucho. (take care)

    Well, “cuidate” means take care. We just add “mucho” (literally, much or very much) to add emphasis.

  • reckoning on the context. no count number if it relatively is somebody who cares approximately you, it potential “cuidate mucho”, which variety of interprets to “take care”. no count number if it relatively is somebody who’s in undesirable words with you, it relatively is an insult: “con*** de tu madre”, which interprets to “your mom’s pus**”, an extremely undesirable expression in Spanish, it is analogous to “go f*** your self”. Sorry if it meant the non sparkling one.

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