What does the “auto” setting on my crockpot mean?

My crockpot has 3 settings - Hi, Low, and Auto. I know what Hi and Low are. What does the "auto" setting do?

Update - the crockpot has no thermometer or probe anywhere on it.

5 Answers

  • Probe included? Set temperature, when it's reached will keep warm.

  • Most Crockpots/slow cookers when set to auto begins cooking on the high setting then switches to the low heat setting after a set time (usually around two hours).

    This settng is best used when you want to leave your crockpot on for a extended period (7-8 hours).

    Source(s): I use to work as an electrical appliance sales assistant
  • Crock Pot Auto Setting

    Source(s): https://owly.im/a96vh
  • Does it have a thermometer with it? If so, then you set the temperature and it will heat until it reaches that temperature.

  • find the model number, it should be on the underside or back of the base and look at the manufactures website for instructions. Each one is different. good luck

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