what does the idiom “howling at the moon” mean?

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  • wolves and dogs bark more during the full moon.

    Statistically crime is up during full moons, as well.

  • In this case, the idiom is literal. Howling at the moon is simply a poetic

    way to describe dogs, wolves, coyotes howling at night. There is no

    other meaning. It is to be taken at face value and to be appreciated

    for it's inherent beauty. If you have ever been out in the middle

    of nowhere and heard the howling of a lone dog, you know that it is

    terrifying,liberating and above all else, The phrase doesn't need

    to be given extra symbolism. Just remember to listen.

  • When a person says "Sometimes I'm just howling at the moon" they mean that they are getting all worked up and making a lot of noise for no real reason. It is just another way of saying they are blowing off steam and that it is not necessarily related to what is going on at the moment, just something else that has been gnawing at them that they feel they have little to no control over.

  • Define Howl

  • I don't know but I got other idioms. Your eye is like an apple means: Your eyes are beautiful. Another one is It's raining cats and dogs. It means it's raining hard.

  • Wolves would howl at the moon cuz they're lost or lonely or something.

    So I guess it means "I'm alone"

    Aw, how sad..

  • It means you are yelling at something just because you need to yell but no matter how much you yell it will not change the fact of whatever happened, or even give you a response back.

  • wolves do it at full moon and it's spooky and exciting so people want to do it too, howl at the moon

  • it's my favorite place to be on friday and saturday nights! sooo fun

  • Its what you do when you try to change something that you can not control.

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