what does the joke “your mom goes to college” mean?

5 Answers

  • Its from the movie Napolean Dynamite when the girl comes to the door Napolean answers and she tells him that she is selling things to raise money for college. Napoleans brother Kip shouts from the background "Your mom goes to College". I'm pretty sure its just a "your mom" joke, but thats what its from.

  • you mom goes to college to get smarter and to get more knowledge. they are saying your mom is dumb.

  • Your mom goes to college to get more "knowledge" (knowledge... brain... giving brain or head, get it?)

    Pretty confusing to explain it...

  • It is a little better than she wears army boots.

  • not really sure wat it means but its from the movie napolien dynomite ......my frend always says that to me but i dont know the meaning! watever

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