What does the nickname CHATO mean???

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  • Chato has different meanings in different countries:


    (Sorry it’s in Spanish but it’s all I could find.)

    In Mexico, it means a person who has a flat/snubbed nose, and is usually said as a term of endearment. In other words, when you look at their profile, their nose is not prominent.

    (f) Chata

    (m) Chato

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  • Chato means flat nosed. In the Spanish culture it is not considered rude to call someone by a characteristic that may be a disability or a defect. Rengo, for limper. Inocente for mentally challenged. Ojo for one eyed. etc.

  • Depends on what language it’s being used in. I know it’s used in both Latin American Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese, but the meanings are different.

    In both languages it can mean "flat" or "short" or (in Spanish) "snub-nosed," but it’s not used much with this dictionary meaning. Slang meanings are more common.

    In Portuguese, if used for someone you don’t like, it means "a boring or annoying person," like "he’s a drag" or "he’s a pain in the a**. " But if used in an endearing way, it means someone who’s picky or never satisfied, maybe kind of a grump, but you like them even in spite of all their faults. My Brazilian ex-girlfriend used to call me "chato" all the time, but in this endearing way (…well, usually in the nice way!).

    In Spanish, I think it depends on what country it’s being used in. Chileans might use it just to mean "shorty." Mexicans can use it to refer to someone who’s poor or unlucky — but they also use it a lot to talk about someone who’s dear to them. So "mi chato" means "my dear / my darling"…

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