what does the quote mean…”the sun never sets on cool”?

one of my hs football coaches who died always said this quote… what does it mean?

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  • I have never heard that quote before.

    I heard “the sun never sets on the british empire”, which is because at one point they owned so many territory including the America, that it was alwasy daytime in at least one of their territory.

  • In parts, the phrase, “the sun never sets on the British Empire” meant that no matter where the sun sets, a part of the British empire would still be in sunlight because of its geographic size but the phrase is also a tribute to the might of the British empire for it was once thought that the British Empire would not crumble but this point is now in dispute for many people now do not consider former colonies as a part of the British empire. The first point would be the main explaination for the phrase used today.

  • even after the sun goes down and the parties start still be yourself and maintain control(be “cool”)

  • Dream the dream rock it out….never give up.. time is your partner.

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