What does the road sign that had “HC and is crossed out” which I guess is no HC.?

So what does the HC mean?

6 Answers

  • Hazardous cargo.

    It is for trucker mainly. So when they are carrying Hazardous cargo they know which route they can and can't take. Because if a spill or a wreak happens the HazMat team can clean it up. Where the are "No HC" sighs could mean there are not HazMat teams in the area.

  • A road sign with the black letters "HC" inside a green circle indicates a hazardous cargo route, in other words a route which must be followed by trucks carrying hazardous cargoes. And of course, the slash makes it restricted to Hazardous Cargoes.

  • Red Cross Out Sign

  • Hazardous Cargo

    Generally these signs are used to tell the truckers that this area is primarily a residentual area with low ability to handle a 'HazMat Situation'.

    You should also see signs around larger citys advising truckers the proper routes for Hazardous Cargo.

    Hope this helps.

  • No hazardous cargo allowed

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