What does the slang term “monkey mean in blackjack?

I'm guessing it's when the dealer busts...

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  • Its linked to Asian Culture - I think the name for either 10,J,Q,K in either Chinese or Japanese is very close to the work monkey

    so when they scream monkey - they want a face card not counting Ace to make the dealer bust!

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  • I have studied this question extensively as a long time blackjack player and word historian.

    Monkey definitely means any 10-valued card, i.e., 10, Jack, Queen, or King.

    The origin is disputed. There are three common theories.

    1) 10-valued cards are 0-value cards in baccarat, thus they do not change the value of the player/banker hand. Asking for a monkey means asking for a card that just "fools around" and does nothing -- hence a 10/j/q/k. Thus, this theory posits that word originated in baccarat, which many people believe. The word is certainly used in baccarat as well as blackjack, however these are also the only games that are heavily played by people of Asian descent and have all four of these cards (10/j/q/k) equal to the same thing.

    2) "Monkey" is a corruption of the word monarchy by Asian (specifically Vietnamese, I have heard) gamblers in the early 20th century when playing cards were introduced in Asia. Thus monarchy/monkey means Jack, Queen, King (the royal monarchy). Although in baccarat and blackjack a 10 has the same value of those cards so when somebody wants a Monkey they will certainly take a 10.

    3) "Monkey" sounds like the Mandarin Chinese word for "Old Man"

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    What does the slang term "monkey mean in blackjack?

    I'm guessing it's when the dealer busts...

  • Casino Slang

  • I truly don't know where the term came from but it's said when a person's first card is an ace and they want a face card. Sooooooo "monkey" means essentially, "give me one of them damn face cards so I have a blackjack".

  • Short for Well,i"ll be a monkeys uncle Slang for something happening that would be surprising or cause disbelief nowadays refers to any card with the value of 10 soft hand split hand stiff hand spooking

  • Ten, Jack, Queen, or King.

  • Face card or a ten.

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