what does the term acs probation mean?

2 Answers

  • It stands for “alternative community services” a division of probation that supervises those individuals placed on probation, by the County Court, for misdemeanor/criminal traffic offenses. Probation periods are typically six months to a year for offenses such as petit theft, worthless check, domestic violence battery, driving under the influence, driving while license suspended or revoked, etc. Probationers must comply with standard conditions of probation, which include reporting monthly, incurring no new law violations, and maintaining gainful employment, as well as “special” conditions of probation, those which are specific to the charge.

    In many instances, the court will order the offender to complete alternative community service hours – work that is intended to be an opportunity for the probationer to “pay back” the community, in a tangible way. These hours are completed at non-profit organizations (such as Goodwill, Boys/Girls Clubs, Salvation Army, area churches, etc.) or governmental agencies (such as city, county or state parks, landfills, elderly centers, etc.) Officers try hard to match probationer skills with needs in the community, while still seeking work sites that do not disrupt the probationer’s employment.

  • its like a simple probation, all you gotta do is keep outta trouble

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