What does the term in soccer, “goal side inside” mean?

I just joined a competetive soccer team and in the games when I’m defending, everyone is screaming at me, “goal side inside! goal side inside!” and i have no idea what the hell they’re talking about hahaha. thanks (:

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  • The term “goal side” means that you are to position yourself between the attacking player and your goal. If you are goal side of the attacking player you are in a position to stop him from taking a shot.

  • Soccer Goal Terms

  • No. There is no deeper meaning. It simply means e.g. 2 goals to the good is that a team is 2 goals ahead of the other team. It comes from the English commentators who need to use a complete phrase when a couple of words will suffice.

  • I believe they were asking you to defend at either end of the goal post. Two players usually guard the goal post during corner kicks.

  • When I used to play it basically ment get infront of a opposition player this is goal side so you would get the ball first.

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