What does the “Vahevala” mean, from the Loggins & Messina song title of the same name? Is it a “real” word?

Also, what language is it?

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  • At http://www.kennyloggins.com/forum/index.php?topic=… , on the Kenny Loggins Community Forum, TracyB posts:

    As far as writing the lyric, people ask me, ‘What is ‘Vahevala’? It was just a sound that came through,” Loggins continues. “It caught my attention because it sounded like a place, so I made it up like a fantasy island that this kid came from, where he would sneak off the boat and party with the neighbors and sneak back on before the captain saw him. It was total escapist fantasy. What is most remarkable to me, when I look back on it, is how much joy is in it. It’s such an ‘I love my life’ song."

    [She continues] I found this [the preceding quote] on the web site "lyrical inspiration". Hope it helps.

    On the "Kenny on the Net" section ( http://www.kennyloggins.com/site/index.php?option=… ) of the Loggins website is a link to Lyrical Inspiration, promising "Kenny shares some of the stories behind his songs in this site dedicated to the art of songwriting." But http://www.lyricalinspiration.com/ is a membership site and I haven’t joined. However, the quote sounds genuine to me.

    I note further that, from for example http://www.slc.ca.gov/Misc_Pages/Tranquillon_Ridge

    "ExxonMobil Corporation and Sunset Exploration Company submitted an application to develop the same Tranquillon Ridge offshore resource (named the ‘Vahevala Project’). They propose to develop the oil and gas resources from an onshore site located on Vandenberg Air Force Base (VAFB)"

    Whether the project is named from the song I can’t determine.

  • Loggins And Messina Vahevala

  • This Site Might Help You.


    What does the "Vahevala" mean, from the Loggins & Messina song title of the same name? Is it a "real" word?

    Also, what language is it?

  • Vahevala

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