what does the Vietnamese name Tran mean?

what does Tran mean

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  • Vietnamese words usually come in two to make an exact meaning.

    Tran by itself means brazen-faced


    But there are “tran trong (respect)” or “tran chau (pearl)”.

    Her middle name would make the distinction of the meaning of her name.

    If I have to guess, her name would mean PEARL.

  • Tran Family Crest

  • Well… the Chinese Character for Tran is translated to ‘Chen’.

    So people with last name of ‘Tran’ technically have the same last name as people with ‘Chen’…both popular names in China and Vietnam.

    in Chinese 陈/陳 (Chen) means …to show/Arrange/tell…or Exhibit or say…

    Most Vietnamese surnames can be translated into Chinese surnames.

    I’m not sure in Vietnamese, as I am not Vietnamese…

  • I wonder if you mention Tran as family name or name. If Tran is a family name, it has no meaning at all, just a very popular surname in Vietnam . And if Tran is a name, it means pearl

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    I think it just a common last name in Vietnam. It similiar to Lee or Chan. I think it has to do with family clans and probably territories they came from. Check the link to find out more about vietnamese last names.

  • It depends. Cause you didnt put the accent mart.

    If it is Trần, then it’s a very popular last name in Vietnam.

    If it is Trân, then it’s a girl’s name.

    Vietnamese names usually don’t have any special meaning.

  • tran is a last name! Its my last name by the way. but anyways, it doesnt really have a meaning.

  • its a fairly commen family name.. also a common street name after a famous vn leader “tran hung dao”…..all by itself, depending on the accent marks that might accompany it “tran” can mean ,ceiling, , bare chested, lost in shame, cord, storage,fore head… if you have a baby w/ a big forehead you can name him “tran” lol….

  • I agree with Cheeyode.

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