What does the word “chiquilla” mean in Spanish??

If a man says chiquilla to a woman does this mean something sexual or similiar to saying honey or sweetheart in english.

Would a man say this to just a friend or a girlfriend.

If I overheard my husband saying this to a "so called friend" should I be upset??

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  • "chiquilla" = "Little girl"

    There's NO need for you to be upset. It's like someone calling you "young girl". It means nothing. He's just being polite.


  • Just means little or tiny girl, not means something sexual, can be used for a friend or someone in the family.

    Chiquilla vs Chiquita.

    Both are diminutives. Words ending in -illa means that the object is more littler than objects ending in -ita.

    Chiquitina is more little than Chiquilla.

  • It simply means "young lass" or "little girl" in Spanish. The man is probably using the word simply as a colloquial form of address in this case more in the sense of "young lass" or "young lady."

  • Don t be upset cause it only means kid, youngster or girl.(informal way)

    There s a popular song in Spanish with this name by Seguridad Social. Enjoy it:)


  • HI;

    Chiquilla means "little girl" and cand aply to a younger woman,girlfriend or close friend


  • It means little one, as in terms of a child. If a man says it to a woman its like almost the equivalent of saying babe or baby...

  • Chiquilla doesn't have any sexual meaning,....it means: little girl or young girl.....something like that 🙂

  • Chiquilla means "young girl" or "young woman".

  • Chiquilla? I have never heard of chiquilla...do you mean chiquita? Chiquita is generally used either speaking to a child, a girl...mostly as a term of endearment...or with a girlfriend/wife as a sort of pet name. It just means like little one.

  • hey!Im Indian.Spanish girl

    This word its for the South of Spain.THis its for a friend and its for a girl.its mean like....Girl or Funny girl or better little girl.Its nice.

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