What does the word, “cuse” mean?

The boy I like has the word cuse in his IM. What does that mean?

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  • ‘Cuse, noun., (late 1970’s to present Urban African American/Black slang) — the vernacular used for the city name of Syracuse, New York.

    Syracuse, New York was once known as the “Salt City,” for its salt deposits/mines in the 1800’s and the Erie Canal that used to flow through the ‘Cuse helped to put the city of Syracuse, N.Y. on the map.

    Interstate 81 and Interstate 90 intersect at/in the city of Syracuse, N.Y.’s downtown.

    The term, the ‘Cuse, is now used by almost all cultures and racial groups.

    1. The ‘Cuse is one of the snowiest cities in the United States.

    2. The ‘Cuse is the second cloudiest and precipitous/(rain and snow fall) cities in the U.S.A., but has beautiful and nice moderate climate summers — (average high temperatures’ range around 82 degrees).

    3. The ‘Cuse is trying to bring financial and racial harmony together for all people, but the ‘Cuse is still greatly lacking in equal and fair employment for all African Americans/Blacks — Gays, Handicapped, Native Americans, Women, and other people of color.

    The mayor of the “Cuse and others are trying to correct these problems that are in the ‘Cuse and all across America as are, also, in other parts of the world.

    4. The first crowned African American/Black Ms. America attended college/university in the ‘Cuse in the early 1980’s.

    5. The ‘Cuse is the home of the Onondaga Indians — a beautiful people. I hoped this worked.

  • From personal experience, since I’m from NY, ‘Cuse has usually referred to Syracuse. Although since it’s an IM, you would have to go back to him for the original interpretation since there could be typos, abbreviations, and whatnot.

  • i think it was a typo cause the only meaning for cuse i can think of is a city in Central New York, USA

  • If the statement was “cuse me”. It means excuse me.

  • thats like not even a word

  • Well, it could be a typo i guess i don’t know

  • maybe as in SYRAcuse?

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