What does this messed up dream mean?

So last month I had a dream where I was walking around in a mall I forgot what happened in there but it was something special and when I went outside i came out from a house near a neighborhood I used to live in in real life. I was about to keep going but outside the mall was this lady with a happy personality talking and sounding like that teacher from Magic school bus. So she and other younger people gathered around and she was talking about something to gain knowledge from and I for some reason joined in and sat down listening in. I had a bag of gummy worms opened and I ate some on the side and on the right was this boy and he was nice to me and seemed to like me and eventually I looked at him and that he was very grayish in a disturbing way looking at me and also maybe the rest of the group as well. So he said something nice to me and smiled and Ioffered him a gummy worm in return but for some reason I said “want some garbage?” Holding the gummy worm. He smiled for 30 seconds to me and then he aggressively punched my back neck and upper spine and I become weakened emotionally and in physical pain and I woke up still feeling the pain for a little while.

2 Answers

  • Dreams are just oppressed thoughts.

  • In your own real Life, who are you pretending to be NICE to? He/She doesn’t respect you for it, and you know it, and so you dreamed about it. Let go of the so called “friendship” as it is doing your more harm then good, and certainly not helping this other individual.

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