What Does “Throw Dirt On Me and Grow A Wildflower” Exactly Mean?

2 Answers

  • I really don't think a line by Lil Wayne is necessarily meant to be analyzed for deeper meaning. Lil Wayne does this a lot. He takes a well-known figurative statement and uses it in a literal manner. Ex. "It's f*** the world and get a child out of her". There isn't any deeper meaning to that, it's just a play on words. In this case, he used the figurative phrase of "throwing dirt on someone" literally.

    With that being said, there are a lot of possible meanings since the line itself in "No Love" was used out of context. A possible meaning is that through all the bad things (the "dirt"), he will still become something great ("wildflower"). Another possible meaning could be "talk negatively about me and one day you will realize how great I am".

  • To me it would mean that person considered themselves to be a non conformist. Someone who did things their own way rather than the way society might dictate.

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