What does TMU mean on a cars title??

i no it has to do somethign with the mileage because they said " i dont no the cars mileage because the title says TMU" but i have no clue what that means can someone help me out!!??

is it still ok to buy a car that says that?

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  • It can be bad and can be good. I'm a used car dealer and run into this at the auction a lot. TMU does mean "true mileage unknown". But it can be that for numerous reasons. Ford's, for example, have a bad problem with lights on dash going in and out. When they run through the sale, if the odometer is not illuminated they will mark it TMU. Now this can lead to good deals on good vehicles sometimes. Sometimes crooked dealers will unplug the dash so miles aren't illuminated so they can't see high mileage on them. If the title is branded, unless it's so cheap it's ridiculous, stay away. But check into the reason why it's TMU.

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  • Mileage disclosure is required by federal law. There are two ways this can be done, one is an approved form for mileage disclosure and the second is on a title that is compliant with the disclosure requirements and is frequently referred to as a compliant title. Titles prior to the federal law were non-compliant and states changed their title forms at different times to become compliant. In both cases, both the buyer and seller have to sign acknowledging the disclosusre. Did you receive a federal odometer disclosure statement with the paperwork associated with the sale? If you did were either the box "exceeds mechanical limit" or "actual mileage unknown" checked? If either was checked, it is impossible to know the actual mileage and you have no claim. If you did not receive a seperate disclosure statement, check the disclosure on the title where the transfer of ownership to you took place. Again, you will have the same two boxes and the resulting outcome will be the same. It is possible that at 292,000 miles a title transfer took place but that is not relevant to your situation. If you accepted transfer of the title knowing that it was not possible to know the true mileage any previous history doesn't matter. If a proper disclosure did not occur, and the bill of sale is not an accepted method of disclosure, you have a claim. Contact the dealer and if the dealer is not cooperative, file a written complaint with the DMV. They will investigate. Even if the dealer is no longer in business file the DMV complaint. The dealer bond survives for 3-5 years from the year of the transaction and you can collect from the bonding company. It becomes their responsibility to collect from the dealer.

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    TMU - Total Miles Unknown. If the title says 10 or 1,000,00 it doesnt matter. The miles there are what was know lsat time the car was titled. And even then, if it says TMU then thats what it is - unknown. Any time there is a broken odometer, or odmoeter issues, the car is TMU. It could have stopped working the day after it was last sold.... still TMU. You can complain if you want. All the investigator will do is point to those three letters and tell you that its over.

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    Yes, It definitely means, (True Mileage Unknown). But not because it's on the title, It's because (they) said . The title may say" mileage discrepancy" it does not say TMU. Please , I suggest don't be nonchalant with this even if the seller is because it is a big deal. The mileage is unknown for 1 of 2 reasons 1. The odometer has been fraudulently tampered with and federal laws have been broken. 2. There was a mechanical issue with the odometer and the records were not properly executed as in accordance to the law. People like myself, that have been in the business awhile, can do research enough to tell you which one happened. Just to say its TMU is legal enough to cover ones a___ to feel safe from the authorities. But one can find out.

    Good Luck BS

  • Hi..............Is there a salvage title for this vehicle?? Usually a TMU is associated with a confiscated car from a chop-shop operation or one that's been tampered with meaning the odometer has been turned back or it's been attempted..

    Don't get the vehicle.. Plain and simple..:-))) There could be other things wrong with the vehicle your not aware of, too many questions, not enough answers...

    Usually a vehicle with a salvage title is sold for pennies, just to unload it.. It's not the best deal.. Run the VIN code at your local police station or troop quarters at the state house.. Or do carfax.com..:-))))))) Good Luck, hope this helps you..

    If you want, if you live in an area where there are state and government auctions thats usually a good place to pick-up a good deal, go with a dealer whos a good friend if you have one.. I work at Wal-Mart and they sell vehicles on the wire if you know someone who works there?!

  • Guys, what is about if new, just 2 month old car gets wrecked and has no power. Now auction sells it with TMU announcement. Is it going to lead to branded title because the mentioned TMU announcement?

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