What does up to 70% off sale mean?

for aeropostale there having a sale thats up to 70% off, i dont get it like up to?

12 Answers

  • 70 is the highest percentage tht it off

    for example other things may be 60% off 50% of 40% etc.

  • That means that the sale includes items which COULD be 70%, but no mas. I just checked the catalogue out today, fyi, and really the stuff for 70% off isn’t worth having (odd colors/sizes, etc.). They’re still having a good sale on other things – just not 70%. Up to means not exceeding.

  • Upto 70 Off

  • things can be 10 20 30 40 50 60 or 70% off but not higher.

  • The highest percent off is 70%. That means numbers less than 70% also.

  • It means some items are 70% and some are 50% and some are 40%, and so on. they mean not everything is 70% off

  • Some items will be 70% off, others might be 50% off or 15% off… anything under or equal to 70% off a specific item.

  • that it’s 1% to 70% off

  • it means that 70% is the maximum sale that you’ll get!

    you can find stuff from 0% off sale up to 70%

    Hope that helped ;D

  • 70% is the highest discount you will get on an item but im sure it’s probably the most expensive. the lowest could be 1%

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