What does via mean between Facebook posts?

I’ve seen some of my friends posts to other people (that I’m not friends with, just them) show up on my news feed that look something like this:

John Doe via -Jane Doe and it’s usually with a youtube video or some other kind of video.

What does via mean between Facebook posts?

I think I figured it out! I can go to my friends page and click on share link and type in a link (ex. youtube) and share it. This will come up showing on my friends news feed & mine that I shared a video with someone. Meaning me via -my friend.

10 Answers

  • You usually see “via iphone” (or whatever phone)

    via is just another word for “by”

  • What Via

  • That means you received a video/other content from John Doe who is friends with Jane Doe.

  • via = by means of

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  • “Via” kind of means “using”. For example, if you see “Posted via Blackberry” that means they posted it using their Blackberry

  • That’s a great question

  • it where it from, if it not a direct post (like a link)

  • Wow! Thanks! I was wondering the same thing yesterday

  • Thanks to all!!!!!

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