What does “your county of residence” mean?

I am filling in a job application form and i have been asked what is my county of residence. I am not sure if i should say my street address, house number and postcode of if i'm supposed to put where i was born.


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  • What Does Residence Mean

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  • County of residence means that the town/city where you live falls in any county. Just search on google in which county your town/city falls .

  • Is it "county" or "country"? Neither one is a street address. You wrote "county." A county is a division of a state. For instance, Chicago is in Cook County, Las Vegas is in Clark County, Anaheim is in Orange County, etc.

  • residence means where you live now (not where you were born)

    County in the UK would be like Somerset, or Hampshire, or Yorkshire.

    In the US it would be the part of the State where your town is (see one of the other answers)

    If you mean "country" then that is USA, England, France or wherever you live.

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  • It means the county you live in.

    That would be larger than a city, but smaller than a state.

  • They are merely asking what country you currently reside in. There will probably be another question about citizenship. Answer only what is asked; no more, no less.

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  • "Country of residence" is simply the country in which you live.

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