What does”Throw some D’s on it,” mean?

I hear it in songs and I'm woundering what does it mean? Thanks!

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  • D's are dubs which are 20' rims.

    In the song they go, "just bought a cadillac, throw some d's on it"


  • Dayton Wire Wheel Rims seen on mostly low low's (caddilacs) come in 14-16 inches gold chrome silver or DUBBS rims

  • The song "throw some d's on it" is put some dubs on it. Like rims?

    And then "She drop it low, make me wanna throw some d's on it" fro mthe song She got it means dollars [money, $$$]

  • Get D's on ur report card and put Gold D's on the ride, Get a breast enlargement! LOL [email protected]

  • Rich Boy meant puttin rims on his car. Kanye West on his remix meant D size breasts on a woman. Soulja Boy meant D's on his report card

  • if you mean in soulja boys track.. its cos he saying that his report card is al F's and he wants better so he says ' throw some D's on dat Bii*ch' meanin make the grades better 🙂

  • for rich boy, Ds=dubs=22 inch rims. throw some dubs on ur car. dubs, u kno, 22 inch rims? rich boys' song iz talkin bout trickin out ur car.

    soulja boy's song sayz throw some Ds on his report card, but those Ds are his grades, get it?

  • if u r taking about that 𝒈𝒶𝓎 soulja boy song then when he says soulja boy I. The building. I Just hot my REPORT CARD

    by throw some d's on it he means put some d's on my report card insted of f's

    D's and f's AS I. Letter grades

  • Originally in the aspect of putting Dayton Rims on an old car, the term has grown other aspects

  • put some rims on yur car... have ya seen da video

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