What drink has the highest percentage alcohol volume?

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  • Surprisingly only two people above me mentioned it. Everclear has 95% alcohol (190 proof), far more than anything else in the liquor store. Absinthe is is illegal not because of it’s alcohol content, but because of the effects of the wormwood. Bacardi 151 rum is 75.5% alcohol (151 proof), and vodka is 40% (80 proof). Everclear is a grain alcohol which is illegal in the 95% form in Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Washington, California, Michigan, Ohio, Florida, Virginia and West Virginia because it can be so dangerous when drunken irresponsibly. In these states, it can still be purchased with 75.5% alcohol.

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    What drink has the highest percentage alcohol volume?

  • Pure alcohol

  • Drink: Long island ice tea is the max volume of alcohol allowed in one drink. Technically you arent allowed to go past 5 spirits in one mixed drink.

    Shot: Bacadi 151 is 75.5% in alchohol per volume

    Stuff like moonshine and absinthe is stronger but illegal in the cont. US.

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    UK 100° proof is a strength of 57.1% of spirit by volume and 42.9% of water, so anything over 57.1% would be over proof.

  • Bacardi 101

  • Everclear…..190 proof. 95% alcohol

  • moonshine…. its illegal though.up to one gallon is a misdemeanor and more then a gallon is a felony.. i think its 95% alcohol 190 proof…all i know is after the 5th shot…well maybe i dont know after the 5th shot kinda hazy

  • To me, i would have to say Diesel and Moonshine! I’ve never drank moonshine b4, but i heard it was strong. I’ve drunk diesel b4, and i poured maybe 2tbls. and a whole bottle of fuze energy drink…i could still taste it!the taste is alot worse than straight vodka! (xcept vodka ain’t really all that bad…) but i drunk 3 glasses, and diesel likes to creep up on you… i was tore up.

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