what drive gear should i use; the first D with the circle around it or the second D without the circle?

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  • that depends on what kind of driving u do and what kind of load your vehicle has. as a general rule just using the one with the circle around it is fine for almost all driving.

    since the transmition will automatically shift into overdrive only if your speeds are high enough to support it then there really is no point in not using that position just because u don't need it.

    even with city driving people very often do reach speeds high enough to benefit from the use of the overdrive gear (varies with different vehicles, but many cars will use their overdrive gear at speeds as low as 45 or less mph) allowing u to save money by you allowing your vehicle to use it.

  • It depends on where and how you are driving. The "D" with the circle is for normal driving on interstates etc... The "D" without the circle changes the number of gears the transmission goes through. This is especially useful when going up a mountain. The car cycles through less gears so there's less stress on the transmission.

    Hope this helps and makes sense.

  • The first with the circle around the "D" (stands for over drive) . This will let your car shift into a higher gear which will save you gas and $$$money$$$.

  • The D with the circle has overdrive, the one without does not. It makes no difference for local driving, but on the expressway, high speed you save fuel by going into overdrive. If you tow, you never want overdrive though.

  • The D with the circle is OverDrive, use it unless you are towing. Then put in on the D without the circle.

  • Overdrive should be used in speeds of over 55 mph and drive witch is just the d should be used in regular city driving also overdrive should not be used when towing heavy objects.

  • the O drive is for over drive it is best used at speeds above 50 to 55 mph or ( freeway speeds) the other standard D is for regular driving in the burbs/ around town etc...

  • the D w/no 0 is for in town (speeds below 55 ) The D w/0 is for hwy (speeds 55 or more) as well as gas economy.

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