What element results if two protons and two neutrons are ejected from a radium nucleus?

2 Answers

  • The result is Radon-222, Rn-222.

    You start off with Radium, Ra, which consulting the periodic table has 88 protons (it’s element #88, which is the number of protons). This is assumed to be Ra-226 (the mass number of Ra is about 226). This means that Ra-226 has 226 (mass) – 88 (number of protons) = 138 neutrons. So, if Ra-226 loses its 2 protons, it becomes element # 86, which is Rn. It also lost 2 neutrons, so it goes from 138 neutrons to 136 neutrons. Adding 136 (# of neutrons) + 86 (# of protons) you get 222, which is the mass of the Rn atom. So, Rn-222.

    Hope that helps!

  • Ra has atomic number 88, so it has 88 protons.

    If it loses 2 protons, the new element would have 86 protons. The loss of neutrons does not change the kind of element, just the mass.

    The new element is Radon, Rn, atomic number 86.

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