what elevation do passenger aircraft usually fly at.?

please name a source. i think its about 35,000 ft

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  • well, it differs due to a number of factors but to cut a long story short and to give you a quantitative answer (which is the ‘average’ flight level) it would be 37,000 ft.

  • Altitude Planes Fly

  • It depend on a number of conditions. Generally, the shorter the flight, the lower the altitude. This is complicated by winds. Especially during the winter the jet stream goes strongly west to east and causes aircraft going east to go higher than the westbound planes.

    For short flights (500 miles or less) mid to low 30’s is probably correct. For longer flights it’s mid to upper thirties.

  • Commercial Passenger Aircraft usually cruise between 32,000 and 37,000 feet –

    Altitudes above 18,0000 feet are referred to as Flight Levels – 32,000 freet would be Flight Level 320 or FL 320

  • What’s a “passenger aircraft”?

    Depends on the length of the trip and some other factors. On long trips, I’m usually at 38,000 to 43,000 feet.

  • As many has stated they are several condition, however becaue of RVSM requirement at 29,000 most will cruse between 29,000 and 42,000 depending on air traffic control. On over sea flight the higher the better for fuel thinner air. Over the U.S from 25,000 to about 32,0000.

  • 37,000 ft.

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