What evidence did watson and crick have at their disposal (and also used) in 1953?

What evidence did Watson and Crick have at their disposal (and also used) in 1953? Select all that apply. UV light absorption


1. Options C and D are correct
Watson and Crick proposed the double-helical model to explain the structure of DNA. They used the information from the following sources
i. X-ray diffraction data produced by Franklin and Wilkins.
ii. Chemical analysis by Erwin Chargaff (Purines = Pyrimidines: A+G = T+C)

2. Option C is correct.
Many scientists believed that the genetic material would possess a complex structure so that it can encode complex body organization. However, Watson and Crick had a conviction that the structure would turn out to have natural beauty in its simplicity. Both the DNA strands are antiparallel and complementary to each other.

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