What exactly does “making peace with the establishment” mean?

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There was a political quiz I recently took at asked a question about “making peace with the establishment.” I have three questions:

What do they mean exactly by this’

Why do some people see it as an “important aspect of maturity”; and

What relevance does such a question have in a political quiz?

  • Fornoob Team’s answer

    1) Understanding what the role of authority has in your life and following the rules of order.

    2) As you get older you will understand more about the process and respect it.

    3) Not sure, unless ‘establishment’ meant government.

  • Anonymous

    Means abiding by the law and live by the rule set by society without making a nuisance of yourself in any way.


    What exactly does “making peace with the establishment” mean?

  • Anonymous

    It takes 6 seconds for the Y.A. web page to load for me to be able to click on the [add your answer] button. is my computer slow??

  • Anonymous

    it means shut up and get back in the basement

  • Marlys

    Sure thing

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