What exactly is a stub rag?

My niece wants to know what a stub rag is? She saw it on a tv show, like it was supposed to be derogatory. Thanksssss

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  • I don’t know. Pretty sure that your niece saw it on the Nickelodeon World Premiere movie IPsycho from the show ICarly. It never was explained. Sam called Freddy’s family ‘stub rags’. Freddy didn’t know what that meant, so Sam motioned him to come closer. When he did, Sam leaned up as if to whisper into his ear but instead stuck her tongue in his ear as a prank. Not long after Spencer calls an annoying fly a stub rag.

    So no idea.

    I assume it is merely a made up word for the show. Other ‘made up’ words are Zaplook (parody of Google), Splashface (parody of YouTube), and Toonjuice (Parody of iTunes). Found those on Wikipedia.

  • Stub Rag

  • A stub rag is a person with a weird, boring personality

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