What exactly is an unglazed door?

If i was to purchase an unglazed door, what exactly would that mean to me?

Do unglazed doors contain features such as keyholes and letterboxes ? Or would i have to fit all the features in myself? Is an unglazed door basically the door without any features?


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  • It means a door without glass. It has all the other features you would expect a door to have depending whether it is an external or internal door.

  • Unglazed Doors

  • Ben, doors that have no openings or preparation to receive glass are referred to as solid doors.

    It simply means that the glass required to glaze it is NOT included.

    For instance your door might have the design where there are narrow upper openings to receive two panes of almost half door height glass or be of the Georgian style where there are fifteen small openings to receive glass, either way it is likely that the door will come with beads (loosely fitted) to assist holding the newly glazed panes in place. Normally you will have to additionally buy and fit the glass (bought from your local glazier) hinges,locks,handles,knockers,letterboxes,numbers unless it is stated otherwise that they or some items are included. If this is to be an outside door you will also need a glazing material to make the glazing waterproof such as maybe silicone or possibly putty dependant on your skill level or finished product preference.

    There are very strict laws in place to ensure you buy the correct thickness and or safety glass dependant on the style of door you buy so be guided by your glazier as to what’s correct. The unglazed door benefits those who wish to choose their own patterned glass or maybe a fancy clear glass with bevelled edges or a one where you can have an etching of your own design put on a piece of clear glass,etc,etc.

  • Unglazed means no glass or apertures for glass. Most door blanks need keyholes and letter box holes cutting unless it states otherwise.

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