what exactly is LOVE, true love?

tell me your deep and true definition of love.

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  • I disagree with some of the answers you have received. I don’t think true love is butterflies in the tummy or yearning for that person. That’s infatuation and the fun at the start of a relationship.

    True love is when hurting that person really, truly hurts you.

    It’s when both of you make allowances and sacrifices for each other.

    It’s being there for that person no matter what.

    It’s not minding when that person has gastro and you do the clean up.

    It’s considering that person’s likes and dislikes.

    It’s doing something special for that person even when it’s not a birthday or Christmas.

    It’s being happy to live in a tent and survive on soup to be with that person.

    It’s missing him when he’s at work even after 18 yrs.

    It’s wanting to tell him my news or gossip above everyone else.

    It’s not knowing how i could ever be happy without him.

    I feel like this about my husband and i know he does me too. He has always been the most caring, loving man, and has made sure i know the extent of his love. Yeah he’s untidy, and i probably annoy him with my mthly moods, but we wouldn’t swap each other for all the tea in China.

  • Love is when you think of them at the moment you’re in your greatist perl. Like, if the only good thing (other than them) in your life is drawing, and someone’s going to break your hands, you think about how you promised you would draw him a picture. Love doesn’t have to last forever to be true, but when it does last, it’s because people grow while they age, and they grew together, at the same rate, so they were different people 50 years later, but they still connect. Those people are so lucky. My view on love is simply that be careful what you call love, and don’t expect it to last forever, and try anyway. The pessimist is always pleasantly suprised.

  • To me, true love is where you feel affectionate towards somebody of the same or opposite gender. It is a wonderful feeling. You will date losers but it is awesome when you think you have found the right peson

  • Umm the feelings I felt for that girl I liked in the fifth grade. The way she gave me butterflys in my stomach and made me so happy.

    It’s not anything magical. I hate how people try to make all these boundries and zones. You feel for someone it’s love. we need more love. don’t be afraid to tell someone you love them.


  • love is not a tangible thing. therefore it is nothing.

  • money you have towaste

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