What grade should a 7 year old be in school?

is it first or second?

17 Answers

  • First second or third depends on their birthday too but second would be the norm for turning 7

  • my 7 year old is in third grade this year. Meanwhile all her 7 year old cheer buddies are in second grade. I find it odd. she will be 8 in oct. as will they before november I believe she is in the grade she should be for her age, and all the other kids started too late. I remember she was going into 2nd last year and finding it so odd that these other kids were barely starting first.

    preschool: 3/4

    kindergarten 4/5

    first grade 5/6

    second grade 6/7

    third grade 7/8

    fourth grade 8/9

    fifth grade 9/10

    sixth grade 10/11

    and so on…

  • That depends on when the birthday is and when the school cut off day is for stating school Some of my children were 6 in the first grade and some were 7 in the first grade.

  • If the child was 6, but turned 7 this school year, first. If the child has been 7 for the entire school year, second.

  • Generally, 1st or 2nd grade, depending on when their birthday is versus the cut off for the school district. With the tendency towards red shirting (starting Kindergarten late), you see a lot more 7 year olds in 1st grade now. On the other hand, my daughter started 3rd grade when she was 7.

  • It depends where you come from. For example in Tasmania we have Kindergarten, Prep and then Grade 1 so a 7 year old would be in Grade 1 but in New South Wales they don’t have Prep so a 7 year old would be in Grade 2.

  • Depends on if they already had their birthday for this school year.

    If their birthday falls between September 1 and today (March 24), they should be in first. If it falls between tomorrow (March 25) and July 31, they should be in second.

    If they have an August birthday – the school district probably has their preferences but I’d say it depends on how mature the kid was when they turned 5.

  • it could be either. It really depends on when their birthday is. If they just turned 7 this past fall or winter, then they are probably in first grade. But if they are turning 8 this spring or summer then they should be in second grade.

  • If they turned 7 between September 1st last year and today – 1st grade

    If they’ll turn 8 between now and August 31 this year – 2nd grade

  • It depends on the cut off date. If they were born from January to mid August then it’s second grade, if they were born from late August to December then it’s first.

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