What grammatical structure is the italicized portion of the sentence?

What grammatical structure is the italicized portion of the sentence? by mistake i opened a package addressed to my sister. adverb clause infinitive phrase past participial phrase elliptical clause adjective clause


Adverb clause because an infinitive has to followed by an action verb there an action verb but there it is no to 

The italicized portion of the sentence is "addressed to my sister."

C) past participial phrase.

Explanation: A participle is a verbal form that ends in "-ing" (present) or -ed, -en, -d, -t, -n, or -ne (past), it can act as an adjective, modifying a noun or pronoun. A participial phrase consists of a participle plus modifiers or objects. In the given sentence, we can see an example of a past participial phrase, with the past participle "addressed" and the object "to my sister," notice that it acts like an adjective that modifies the noun "package."

The portion of the sentencd "adressed to my sister" is a PAST PARTICIPIAL PHRASE. Past participial phrases contain a verb in the past participle, in this case "adressed" and a modifier. This type of phrases function as an adjective because they provide extra informagion about a noun, in this case the "package".

None of the other options are correct because there are no adjectives, adverbs or infinitive verbs in the phrase given. It is not an elliptical clause because there are no words left out.

Infinitive phrase I think . but you should still wait for someone else to answer I was never the best at grammar

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